Ram & Shyam - Encounter

After my training at the Nasik Police Academy, I was posted as sub-divisional police officer at Panvel.  One fine day not long after, I received a phone call from SP Raigad.  “Khopade, I am sending across someone called Baloo Bhasma to see you. Please give him necessary help."

The middle-aged Baloo Bhasma turned up in my office. He belonged to the Thakur community – an advisee tribe.  Wheatish in complexion, he wore a loin cloth around his waist and a worn out and faded Khaki jacket on top.  He had wrapped a big kerchief round his head.  Despite my repeated suggestions to take a seat on the chair, he stood in a corner with folded hands.  He narrated his tale of woes. Notorious dacoits Ram & Sham had assaulted him and extorted money from him.  They were still hounding him for more money.

In fact Ram and Sham were extorting money from all advisees.  I had heard of dacoits Ram & Sham during my probationary training in this very same Raigad district. Sham had dragged Baloo Bhasma out of the state transport bus he was travelling in and mercilessly beat him up. They let him go when he paid some ransom and promised to pay the balance before their deadline. Poor Baloo Bhasma was in no position to pay. Terrified, he abandoned his social work and he shifted to Panvel. I heard him patiently and promised to deal with Ram & Sham.