Application of Modern Administrative Theories in North Region

`People have enough to live by but nothing to live for; they have means but no meaning.. The truth is that man does not live by welfare alone.'

- by Viktor E. Frankl.

Some used to believe that increase in pay and perks would automatically motivate for work. But employees have needs and wants other than mere material ones.

Every employee in police has four needs. If these needs are satisfied, he works to his full potential. Every employee says:

"Take care of my livelihood"- This is his economic need.

"Treat me well." This is what his heart needs. It may be called his emotional need.

"Use me well." Man can be properly used when his brain is exercised. This is what his brain needs. This may be called his psychological need.

"Let all my faculties be used for the well being of the society". This is the spiritual need. Everybody wants to answers to questions like "Who am I? What is the mission of my life? What should be my values?" There is a dormant desire in every constable and officer that his entire life should be used for the society. Employees who reach this spiritual level would gain satisfaction only by rendering the best of their services to society. This joy is heavenly.

The present police administration focuses only on economic needs of its employees. It hardly considers other factors. Full potential of the employee is rarely used. Intellectual and physical capacities are wasted.

Non-utilization of full potential of the employee often creates an impression that his efficiency and discipline is impaired. At present only one weapon is used to restore the discipline and effectiveness. Punish or reward is the only means of motivation!

Policemen give a smart salute but do not work whole-heartedly. They seem to be slogging the whole day, but accomplish nothing. Why is real work not getting done?

You can rent people's hands, but not their hearts. Their energy, their enthusiasm and loyalty lies in their hearts. You can rent their neck and back, but you cannot purchase their brain. Their creativity, skills, imagination, resourcefulness lies in their brain. Hence one must win their hearts. You will then see them moving heaven and earth, ready even to die for you.

The Carrot and Stick policy does not yield results. In North Region, Mumbai police experiment, we tried the following new solutions. We created Mohalla Committee and placed the entire responsibility and authority on the respective team of API/PSI and policemen. We introduced Mohalla Committees under the chairmanship of the API/PSI. They tackled communities' law and order problems and worked for communal harmony and justice for all. We introduced community patrolling to contain dacoities, robberies and thefts. We introduced Quality Circles to develop skills and personalities of policemen, thus focusing on Human Resource Development. We isolated the criminal elements

An emplopyee does not work only for wages. He needs self-esteem. Being chairman or deputy chairman of the Mohalla Committee and working independently satisfies his need for self esteem. He needs authority and a sphere for authority. Chairmanship or deputy chairmanship of a Mohalla Committee gives him this sphere of authority. He needs success. Solving people's problems through the Mohalla Committee satisfies this need. He needs a sense of belonging. The Work Improvement Committee gives him sense of belonging. He needs sense of importance. Membership of the work improvement committee gives him an identity. He no longer remains a mere clog in a heartless machine. The work improvement committee cares for him. That helps him develop himself and his family.

A policeman needs social recognition. The Mohalla Committee and the Work Improvement committee give him social recognition. His need for social development of self and family is met by the work improvement committee. The Mohalla Committee system gives him sense of responsibility. His self-actualization and spiritual development is achieved through the work improvement committee. Studying the biographies of great leaders gives him role models in life.

All the benefits accrued in North Region, Mumbai, can be attributed to the innovative direction of administration and extra work and responsibilities thrown at the policemen. The job was enriched and made more meaningful. Absolutely no new laws, legislation or regulations were introduced to run these schemes. No demand was made for special or talented manpower. Not a single rupee was asked for from the government. In short, all the experiments were made within the frame-work of existing laws, with available manpower and within the sanctioned budget.

All these experiments were a resounding success.