Mission Statement and Objective

Mission Statement

The important values and objectives of every police unit should be determined. Accordingly, the mission of the North region police force has been formulated as under:

We shall strive to make the public feel more secure and will help them achieve overall development while strictly adhering to moral values.


In order that the police force gets appropriate guidance and inspiration to succeed in the mission some definite objectives have to be put in place. Accordingly, the North region police force has set for itself the following objectives:

  • We shall increase `people participation' in policing and we shall render people-centric service.
  • We shall constantly strive to improve the quality of our service to the public. We shall make the public feel more secure and we will help them achieve overall development.
  • We shall treat the economically and socially weaker sections with respect and justice. We shall treat all religions with equal reverence.
  • We policemen and officers shall create mutual trust and foster team spirit.
  • Each one of us will put to use the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capabilities that we possess to develop our leadership skills.
  • We shall enrich our personal & family lives by inculcating values like honesty, integrity, hard work, courage, justice, impartiality and strength of character. We will thus derive increased joy from life.
  • We shall keep clean and beautify the environment in which we live and work.