Jwalasingh - Surrender

I was on Jwalasingh’s trail using unconventional methods.  I met his wife, parents and uncle.  I told them to ask Jwalasingh to surrender.  I assumed the role of a friend while my subordinate Inspector Netaji Shinde assumed the role of an enemy.  I would say, “ If Jwala surrenders we will produce him in the court and rehabilitate him after he is released.  As long as he is in jail NGOs will look after his family.  Arrangements for education of his children would be made.”   Inspector Shinde would be aggressive, “If that bastard Jwala does not surrender within a month, we will shoot him down.”  We were playing the Hollywood ‘Good Cop – Bad Cop’ routine perfectly. 

I was in constant touch with Jwala’s family.  The 60 criminals who met me were reporting to Yawat police station.  They would take part in night patrols with Yawat and Loni Kalbhor police station officers.  They would go to Rajastan and Gujrat with my men.  They would ride behind motorcycle policemen and point out Jwalasingh’s hideouts.  Jwalasingh & his gang were running helter-skelter. Jwalasingh was being pressurized by policemen, his own family members, local crime branch sleuths, Moholla Committee members, innocent Kanjarbhat and former Kanjarbhat criminals.  He had only two options left.  He could continue to run from us, in which case he was bound to fall pray to our bullets some day.  The other option was to surrender and remain in jail.



In January 1999 I got a message through an informant that Jwalasingh wanted to meet me.  The meeting was arranged at Alandi.  Jwalasing & his associate were there at the appointed time and place.  He fell at my feet and pleaded, “Sir, I have committed grave mistakes. Please forgive me.”  We talked for two hours.  “Sir, we will surrender but please do not prosecute us.  Withdraw all cases.”  I told him that that was impossible.  “All are equal before the law.  Cases filed cannot be withdrawn.  You will have to face prosecution but you will not be gunned down.  You will be rehabilitated after serving your sentences.  Some NGOs will help your families when you are in Jail.  Your children will get an education.  Think over it for two days before deciding.  Surrender only if you accept these terms - else you are free to walk away.  If you do not surrender, we will catch you in our own way.  I make no false promises.  You can leave now.” 

He was allowed go.  He reappeared after two days accompanied by close associates.  He surrendered on 10th January 1999 before me.  District police units all over the state heaved a sigh of relief.  We received praise from many quarters.  Senior social worker, thinker and editor of the ‘Sadhana’ weekly Dr. Narendra Dabholkar wrote a lengthy article and compared my feat to the surrenders brought about by Acharya Vinoba Bhave & Acharya Kripalani.