New Methods

Some senior officers believe that the baton and bullets can control crime.  They blame the subordinates for lack of control over the crime.  Rising crime is a complex phenomenon.  There can be no push button arrangements to control the crime.  However due to the pressurization by the superiors, juniors hammer the community members. 

I therefore decided to take help from these 95% innocent people to nab jwalasingh.  I organized health camps for Kanjarbhats at various places.  Expert doctors examined the women and children.  I organized cultural shows for Kanjarbhats.  I organized joint community feasts.  The Kanjarbhats were initially skeptical.  However gradually they started participating whole-heartedly.  They started narrating their woes.  They explained how the police harassed them.

I attended each & every camp and sought a dialogue with them.  I would make an appeal to them, “Only five percent men from your community commit crime but all of you get stamped as criminals.  Why don’t you consider this seriously?”  They would say sir, “What you say is right.  What do you expect us to do?”  I would reply, “Why don’t you inform us about the 5% criminals?  If they are caught you will be saved from police harassment.  Your community will not be maligned”. 

I thus won the innocent and peace loving Kanjarbhats over to our side.  I started isolating the criminals.  The traditional outdated methods were cast away.  New comprehensive methods based on scientific principles were introduced.  Rural Mohalla Committees were a part of such innovative schemes.

In all 1773 Mohalla committees with a member ship of 1.2 lacs were established.  Kanjarbhats were made members of the village Mohalla committees.  The otherwise outcast Kanjarbhats started participating in the village Mohalla Committees with equal status with the village elite.  The Work Improvement committees activated the entire district staff.  Village patrolling squads were established in the villages.  The city dwellers may not meet their neighbor for years but villagers spot a stranger immediately.  Jwalasingh realized that his own community men participated in village Mohalla committee and furnished information about his movements.  He and his gang moved out of Pune district and shifted to Madhya Pradesh and Rajastan.  Intermittently he would commit a robbery on the border of Maharashtra and bolt away.