On his very first posting at Panvel as SDPO, Suresh A. Khopade (IPS) shot dead two dreaded dacoits that had eluded the Police for 22 years. He sustained near fatal bullet injuries during this operation and was awarded the Police Medal for Gallantry.

Over the course of the following 27 years, Suresh Khopade worked in various capacities in the Police force and is credited with a number of innovative & ground breaking experiments aimed towards maintaining communal harmony, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Police force, control & prevention of crime, rehabilitation of criminals, Megacity policing and indeed reforming the entire police system.

He is widely known as the father of community policing in India. Mohalla Committee - also known as Mohalla Peace Committee or Neighbourhood Peace Committee - is his brainchild. It is the very first successful community policing experiment in the country. The whole country went up in flames after the demolition of the so called Babri Masjid. Mumbai burned twice. Yet, not a stone was thrown in Bhiwandi, known for serious communal riots that happened there in 1960, 1965, 1970, 1984.

Hundreds of lives and property worth crores was thus saved and the entire credit has been given to the Mohalla Committees and related schemes that Suresh Khopade implemented as the Police chief of Bhiwandi. Mohalla Committee has now been hailed as the panacea for Ethnic conflict. Suresh Khopade has thus put forth a tested solution to the Hindu-Muslim conflict issue that India faces today. This solution does not require new laws or legislation, neither does it require more budgetary allocation or more manpower. Indeed, experts have called his work miraculous.

Along with this, Suresh Khopade has spent many years studying and experimenting with the functioning of the police force. He has suggested a radical new direction in which the Indian Police system needs to work. He has backed his ideas up with solid research and successful experiments & projects that he undertook at all his postings.

He has documented all of his research in 5 published books, ‘Megacity Policing’ being his latest: As the chief of the Mumbai North Region Police he successfully carried out an experiment on the functioning of the police force in Mega Cities. If implemented in other cities of the country, it would revolutionise control of crime in Urban area.

He is currently revising the final draft of his latest book, ‘Why Mumbai burned and Bhiwandi did not’.

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