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Suresh Khopade is a warrior scholar born in a poor farmer family in Maharashtra on 1st june 1951.

He joined Maharastra police as Deputy superintendent of police (direct nominee) in 1978 and retired in 2011.

He is recipient of the President's Gallantry Medal for his courage in a near fatal encounter with inter state criminals. He has also been awarded the Police Medal for Meritorious Service.

He is a pioneer and breakthrough innovator in the realm of policing and public administration in India, esp in Community Policing. His Mohalla Committee (part of his Bhiwandi Experiment) is nationally and internationally acclaimed. His work in finding a solution to the problem of Ethnic and Religious strife and riots in the country has been hailed by national and international experts, sociologist, political scientists, civil society, journalists, politicians. Renowned Scholar Professor Ashutosh Varshney called Mr Khopade's work in Bhiwandi 'miraculous'. Click here for a comprehensive list of media reports, reviews and testimonials.

A reformer and original thinker, he has written several bestselling books chronicling his ideas and successful experiments in the realm of Police and Administrative Reforms. "Why Mumbai burned and Bhiwandi did not" is his latest.

He has been awarded the Maharasthra Sahitya Parishad Award and is listed as a research author in the American Library of Congress. Click here for a comprehensive list of Awards and Recognition.

He is a whistle blower. He challenged the outdated police system in India, developed innovative alternative models and successfully implemented them.

After his retirement he has been agitating against the lack of innovative police reforms in the country.

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